Best Management Practices

Dear Guests, Customers, and Affiliated Customers,

We have some important issues that need to be addressed.  Please read this notice carefully as it is extremely important to all of us.

While we strive to remain a user-friendly Marina and boatyard, the marine industry continues to be under increasing pressure from regulatory bodies and our own desires to keep everyone safe and to preserve our environment and the bay we all enjoy so much.


The EPA, DEM, OSHA, Fire Marshall and other regulatory bodies continue to pressure boat yards and marinas to comply with many regulations.  While they are too numerous for us to list here, we are highlighting some of the more important ones that require your cooperation. Everyone must be aware of the regulations, proper safety procedures and protection of the environment.  These laws are well intended and by following them we can all do our part to eliminate or reduce environment pollutants flowing into the soil, water and air.  


As a reminder, guests of Conanicut Marine must adhere to the following Best Management Practices (BMPs):

  • All operations requiring the sanding, stripping or grinding of paints must be done in a manner that contains the dust and debris generated by the operation.  This can be with self-containment equipment such as a high quality vacuum sander or by tenting, including ground cover and containing all dust and particles generated by this operation.  This must be tight with no leakage and must not be performed on windy days when sanding cannot be reasonably contained.
  • No one, other than Conanicut Marine employees, is permitted to grind, cut or drill lead.  Please contact the yard should any of these activities be required.  Grinding, cutting or drilling of lead must be done in a manner that contains 100% of the lead particles and be sent to a properly licensed facility for disposal in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • All full or empty Aerosol cans are regulated waste and cannot be put into the regular trash dumpster.  Please remove these from CMS property immediately after use.
  • Paint Cans - All empty or partially full paint cans (or containers containing solvents or any other coating material) must be removed from CMS property immediately after use.  Never discard any solvent, paint, stain or coating into sinks, on the ground or into the bay or into a dumpster.
  • All rags used to wipe solvents are regulated waste and must be disposed of properly and not put into the regular trash dumpster. Use the drop box at the waste area at the Taylor Point facility or remove from CMS property immediately after use. 
  • All used poly film and/or shrink wrap must be recycled.  Bags are available at the 20 Narragansett Avenue Ship Chandlery.  Remove the