No fuel sales at the marina for 2018

We regret to report that Conanicut Marina (“CMS”) will NOT have fueling capabilities during the 2018 season due to a delay in approvals to proceed with the State required fuel tank replacements and upgrades.
During 2016 and 2017, collaboration with community leadership and community stake holders took place. Information was shared as to the scope of the mandated upgrades required for State compliance on our fuel tank and pumping system. Tanks were required to be closed and removed by December 2017. All understood the work was time sensitive and was expected to take place November-December 2017.
Qualified contractors were increasingly committed to meet mandated December deadlines at other marinas and gas stations in the area confronted with the same December deadlines. Therefore a construction window for CMS was already closing.
We did not see a need for concern at this time as our desired contractor was ready to complete this work between January and March 2018.
However, the submitted and accepted CRMC Maintenance Assent was not executed by the Town, which halted forward movement. This Application/Assent was not signed off on by the Town for some time later, after suggested review by the Planning and Harbor Commissions. Therefore, we had lost the window to complete the required upgrades in time for this season.
No issues surfaced during the Harbor and Planning review process as the replacement tanks were to be located same as existing. All the while during this period we could not commit to a contractor for a start date, although state permits and two contractor bids had been in hand since May 2nd 2017.
The system is now pumped dry and officially closed as required by law. We are now planning to complete the work November–December 2018 after the busy summer hauling season. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.